ICE Sprint X Tour

Relaxed recumbent riding.

Highly customizable with seating, suspension, and accessories, the Sprint X tour delivers a fast and comfortable riding experience. No matter where you're headed, the Sprint X Tour will get you there.


  • three seat options (Ergo-Flow, Ergo-Luxe, Air-Pro hard shell)
  • foldable
  • choose 20" or 26" rear wheel
  • choose rigid, rear, or full suspension
  • optional On the Road package adds rear fender, mirror, clipless one-side pedals, and flag
  • optional Shimano Steps e-assist
  • many more available accessories (e.g. rack, neck rest, etc.)
  • Seat height: 8"
  • Seat angle: 36-42 degrees (adjustable)
  • Load limit (Air-Pro seat): 230 lbs
  • Load limit (Ergo seats): 275 lbs
  • Overall width: 32.5"
  • Steering: indirect

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