Catrike MAX

Robust, spacious riding.

The Catrike MAX has a higher and wider seat, sturdy ris, and a heavy duty frame to accomodate 425 lbs of rider and gear weight. The most robust Catrike option out there. Get out and enjoy fun and adventure on the Catrike MAX.


    • adjustable backrest
    • supersized main frame tube
    • integrated parking brakes
    • standard accessories: rear fender, mirror, one-sided clipless pedals, flag, wrist rests, exit assist bars
    • optional Bosch e-assist
    • 8 colour options
    • Seat height: 14.25"
    • Seat angle: 47 - 57 degrees
    • Load limit: 425 lbs
    • Overall width: 37.25"
    • Steering: direct

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