Demo Trikes & Bikes

The following bikes and trikes are available in our showroom to try out: 

*this page was last updated on June 7, 2021 - supply chain disruptions and shortages are wreaking havoc with all of our small recumbent bike and trike building companies, causing delays at every level of the industry. 

  • AZUB  Ti-Fly26
  • Catrike Pocket (soon)
  • Catrike E-Villager
  • Greenspeed Magnum XL (July?)
  • HPVelotechnik Gekko (non-folding US edition, ready for test riding)
  • Ice Adventure for small riders (short cranks, smaller seat)
  • ICE Adventure 26RS
  • ICE Sprint X(26RS) Tour
  • Terratrike Rambler (sold-replacement early July)
  • Terratrike Traveler (soon)
  • Terratrike Rover Tandem
  • Trident  Spike N380
  • Hase Trigo (arrived today)
  • VanRaam Fun2Go, OPair, VeloPlus, Chat, walking bike



  • Bike Friday Satrday with suitcase
  • RANS Zenetic
  • RANS Seqouia (not for sale)
  • Terratrike Rover tandem

Note: We have various Catrikes, Ice Trikes, Azub, Trident and Terratrikes on order for arrival in the next 6 weeks


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