Demo Trikes & Bikes

The following bikes and trikes are available in our showroom to try out: 

*this page was last updated on July 26, 2022 - supply chain disruptions and shortages are wreaking havoc with all of our small recumbent bike and trike building companies, causing delays at every level of the industry.  It is slowly improving.  Thank you all for your patience.

  • AZUB  Ti-Fly X
  • Catrike Villager **
  • Greenspeed Anura
  • Greenspeed GT 20 RS
  • Hase Trigo Sport
  • HPVelotechnik Gekko  **
  • ICE Adventure HD 26 rigid **
  • ICE Sprint **
  • Terratrike Rambler **
  • Terratrike Maverick
  • Trident  Spike Base
  • VanRaam Fun2Go, OPair, VeloPlus, Chat, City walking aid
  • also -- Used Terratrike Traveler, Trident Spike
  • ** those marked with ** are physically here , hopefully assembled for demo riding by end of August



  • Azub Mini (used)
  • Hase Pino (used)
  • RANS Zenetic
  • RANS Seqouia (not for sale)
  • Phoenix Fusion ST (not for sale)

 In the stock room (not ready to ride!) one or more of:

ICE Adventure and Sprint, Terratrike Rogue, Maverick, Rambler, EVO, Gran Tourismo, Bosch assist kits for Terratrike.

Trident Spike, Azub Ti-Fly and TriCon.  HP Velotechnik Scorpion and Gekko.  Sunseeker EZ Tri classic.  Catrike Villager, Pocket, Bosch Assist kits for Catrike ( more Catrikes in August) Greenspeed Magnum


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