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TerraTrike's most
budget-friendly model


ICE Trikes' most popular model


HASE Bikes' highly adaptable
delta-style trike


VanRaam's accessible
side-by-side tandem


AZUB's ultimate
universal bike


Catrike's comfortable
easy rider

Magnum XL

Greenspeed's heavy-duty


HP Velotechnik's
highly customizable trike


TridentTrikes' budget-friendly
electric trike

The trikes seen here are a small sample of what we have available. Check out our full list of available demos and get in touch with us to make an appointment. We'll guide you through the decision-making process!

Our Available Brands

Custom Solutions

Pedal Strain Relief

The default crank arm for most recumbent bikes and trikes is 165mm or 170mm, which can be just a bit too long. Crank shorteners or pedal pendulums are useful in relieving strain if you have shorter legs, if your legs are different lengths, or if your knees aren't quite as flexible as they used to be.

Electric Assist

Go further and faster with an electric assist. Ideal for long rides, hills, and when you need a little boost. Your body and muscles can ride at ease and you can choose your amount of exertion while still going the distance and having an adventure!

Single Handed Riding

Two-wheel braking can happen through one lever instead of two. Front and rear shifting can also be moved to one handle - though there are some limits here. If you have one-sided weakness or other accessibility concerns, this could be the simple solution to get you riding again.

Van Raam

Van Raam Special Needs Bicycles

Van Raam produces uniquely specialized bicycles for people with a disability.

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