Catrike Pocket

Compact frame offering all the features.

With a small footprint and frame, the Catrike Pocket is easy to maneuver and manageable to transport. It gives you all the performance of a Catrike in a scaled down package.


  • rear fender
  • Mirrcycle rear view mirror
  • multi purpose clipless pedals
  • no brake steer
  • computer sensor mount
  • Ackermann steering compensation
  • quick-release indexing boom clamp
Overall width 787 mm
Overall height 635 mm
Overall length 1727 mm
Track width 699 mm
Wheel base 889 mm
Ground clearance 102 mm
Seat height 229 mm
Seat angle 41 degrees
Bottom bracket height 381 mm
Max load 102 kg
X-seam range 91 - 109 cm
Turning circle 4.8 m
Turning radius 2.4 m

Prices start at $2900CDN_for Pocket_. Click here to get in touch with us about this bike.

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