ICE Adventure HD

Easy access and a stronger build.

The ICE Adventure HD brings together the design and functionality of the original Adventure with a wider, roomier cockpit and seat. The extra space is designed to maximize comfort for larger riders (but it seems to please everyone!).

With many practical accessories and intuitive customization options, we can work together to make it the best trike for you. We love the ICE Adventure for its versatility.


  • Ergo-Luxe or Ergo-Flow seat
    • 2.5" wider and 2" deeper than ICE Adventure seat
  • foldable
  • wider frame adds stability
    • 2" wider than ICE Adventure
  • wide-set handlebars
  • choose 20" or 26" rear wheel
  • choose rigid, rear, or full suspension
  • optional On the Road package adds rear fender, mirror, clipless one-side pedals, and flag 
  • optional Shimano e-assist
  • many more available accessories (e.g. rack, neck rest, etc.)
  • Seat height: 13.5"
  • Seat angle: 45 - 51 degrees (adjustable)
  • Load limit: 330 lbs
  • Overall width: 33.4" - 34.4"
  • Steering: indirect

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