VanRaam Fun2Go

Side-by-side tandem riding.


The VanRaam Fun2Go is a three-wheeled tandem in which riders sit side by side. Only one rider steers, but both riders can pedal. With two wheels in the back and one in front, the Fun2Go has very high maneuverability.


  • easy access to seating (no stepping through or over)
  • side-by-side seating allows for easier communication between riders
  • 8 speeds
  • optional e-assist
  • optional freewheel hub allows both riders to pedal in sync, both riders to pedal independently, or one rider to pedal
  • optional reinforced frame increases weight limit to 400 per person
  • standard accessories: lights, bell, parking brake, lock
  • Seat height: 24"
  • Seat angle: 34 - 52 degrees (adjustable)
  • Load limit: 265 lbs per person
  • Steering: direct


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